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Why haven’t I received my package? It says I was supposed to get it yesterday but it hasn’t even been shipped?

Fashion nova date to arrive July 1rst Hasn’t been shipped and says nothing is schedule to be sent by ups

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I ordered my package so it should arrive on Friday the 1st of July. why has it not come? it's a gift for my boyfriend that i have to have with me on friday the 8th of july. he lives far away
I ordered 2 dresses March 12 and it has not been shipped, no updates at all as to when I’ll get my dresses and I need it for a function. Customer service is poor.
I Oder since dec 2 and I didn’t get my package yet .this is my order mumber 8548**** can you please check
@Jerin Ubm I ordered mine sense Nov 23 and it’s now December 23 I’m getting tired of waiting and no response about my order
I’m in the same boat as you guys I’ve been waiting on my items over 3 weeks now they don’t respond when I track my order it says there working on it give them 48 hours it’s been 3 weeks and I read somewhere they only give u store credit if u want a refund this is my first and last order it’s *** we should be able to do more than this they should be held responsible
They have the packages arrive late on purpose so they can tell you that you can only get a gift card
I haven’t recibe my stuff it supposed to ge it yesterday but I didn’t get nothing please answer not in 24 hours answer as soon is posible
I ordered my items nearly two weeks ago and I have not recieved my item yet either. It was supposed to be delivered today but UPS said they haven't even recieved my order. No one ever answers their customer service number. This is a terrible company. I will never order from Fashion Nova again!
@PissedConsumer1905203 Same to me, I almost got a month since I’ve been waiting on my package. When I try to contact the customer service unfortunately no one ever answer. I email them same thing they don’t even say anything
I had ordered 7 days ago and nothing. Got a tracking number to DHL but they didn’t even received my items. I have emailed and tried calling this bs number I found for customer service and still nothing. At this point I just want my money back they can keep it their ***
Same thing happened to me, had one package coming July 1st and another July 2nd...and nothing! And no updates, no emails...just plain nothing!
@PissedConsumer1887967 same thing happened to me and nothing it should have been here last week and no emails no nothing and I've been calling for days
@PissedConsumer1887967 Same here!!!!! I don't even live in the US so this is even more stressful for me to get into contact with them. I am so frustrated at this point.
@Rubert Ijn Fashion nova isn’t easy to deal with my goodness. I ordered staff for my business . Its a month . I have gat nothing . Atha campaines are really soo great. At least they reply to an email and can be sorry for what happened. Well Fashion nova … the experience is soooo painful.
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I have paid for my order, but the website did not place the order. Why?!

Mariam G Gve

I am severely concerned and unhappy and I need your help and explanation from FashionNova ASAP. I have just made a purchase on FashionNova website.

I paid for my order, i was charged for the order, but there is no order! I did not receive any confirmation email, there is no listing in my order history . Nothing! I contacted my bank, they told me that my card has already been charged and money is already transferred so they cant do anything.

I have paid and i need my order. The support and help center of FashionNova is *** on earth, i am unable to properly contact them, they require order number, which i dont have because of their own error! I have tried all possible things to reach out, all i get is automated emails further telling me to contact support center, which then is unable to be contacted without order number. What is this?

They basically stole my 83$ and i have nothing in return! I want to get those products that i paid for!

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How I can get my item?

Selamawit E

I ordered my item on Wednesday and paid for rush delivery. I suppose to get it yesterday, but I didn't get it. It's a very urgent item.

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What happened to my order?

Sata D

I purchased some items yesterday, but have not received any tracking information and I paid for overnight delivery. The money has been deducted from my account and yet no tracking information.

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How can I get my refund

Shakyra W Yoe

I send my order to the wrong address and I would like to know if you can send the money back so I could reorder the items

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How do I submit my E-card for payment?

Ericka H Klv

I was issued a $92 E-Gift card that keeps giving me error message.. please have someone call me.with how to redeem my refund so I won't have to keep spending money.

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Why is my order cancelled

Ronegua L

I place a order twice an both was cancelled my address match an they both the same on my card an I don't know why its not letting me

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How can I get my package?

Tamika S Mla

So I would have placed the wrong address and my package is an exception and I want to know what to do

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Jerona G

Why is the WebSite asking for my card information before I can Speak with someone. And your charging me $1 for a website you creTed

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restock on a dress

anna l Fuw

hi i would like to know how long would a restock on a certain dress will take ? i have been waiting for over 3months

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I need help with an order?

Mayra M Mkx

I am so tired I’m sending so many emails, and I still have not had any response from you guys . I want to know what happen to the order that I return?

I need it back as soon as possible! Order number #9683****

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Can i change my shipping date

Daphney S Tci

I just bought a dress than I found out it’s coming later that that can I change the date, it said it’s coming July first but I need it for the 30th this month

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Where is my order

Tomara J

I’m trying to track my order and my order is #220621-****60 so I need to know where is my order I order it with zip

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I return merchandising, why am I still paying

Angela G Avm

Not needed to small to item to ups don won't. I return the items do not want.please call me or email me on this matter

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Can I request a return for one order? I’m not signed up on fashionnova i skipped registration.

Fjona P

I want to return a dress i bought. Order number is #9686****. I want to return the dress because it’s too small but I skipped registration and am not signed up on fashion nova.

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How is order for Monday when I paid extra shipping and said delivery for friday

Ciji H Ruk

My order not in here time I paid extra shipping and it clearly said by Friday I’m not understanding my order

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How do I get the message to customer service that I received the wrong item?

Wendy P Yqz

I received a pair of jeans size 9 that are called Denim Fever instead of the Dakota Dream Romper. I just want to send back the jeans and get the romper but there is no number to call, no rep to talk to online, and no way to email. I don't understand how I am supposed to get this resolved.

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How i get my money back?

Ly H Pxe

I bought it but it didn't fit, so I returned it but haven't seen any response from you for 3 months. Please check my return order for me

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Inquiry about collaboration

Sheneela S

hi I have got an email regarding influencer collaboration partnership to my email sheneela_h@***.com. Just wanted to confirm if it is genuine???

and not a scam?

they have sent me a contract to sign... Please confirm if you have sent this to me...

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When or how can I make my order


I just get the email that you accept me as a member of fashionnova and I wanted to know how can make a order

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